Web Hosting Comparison - Comparing Features in Each Hosting Plans


There are many beginners of website developing that asks question about the best hosting provider. There are numerous hosting providers out there and even if not all of them turn out to be good majority has proven to have provided the best service to their customers. This is where you do a web hosting comparison to see which web hosting provider will suit your needs.

Instead of doing a web hosting comparison where you compare one website from another, you will need to take note of the most important features that you need to look at when looking for the best hosting service. Although creating websites is certainly fun, you should not take it lightly when choosing a web hosting provider.Storage space - if your website only takes up a little storage space, a few gigabytes will do the trick. This is also applicable to medium websites as well. But if you are developing websites that takes up huge amount of space, it is best that you look for providers that say 'unlimited' but not all of them stick to this rule. Though the storage space is unlimited, there are certain rules applied to it, depending on the web hosting provider. The best route to take is to go to a hosting provider that has set clear limitations on their packages.Bandwidth - the size of bandwidth given to you is on a monthly basis. Most of the hosting providers do state they give unlimited bandwidth amount in their plans, you must look for more details on how much bandwidth they are going to give you per month. Sometimes their limitations are stated in the terms and conditions when you apply for the plan.


 Email accounts - check out how many email accounts they can provide you with. There are other plans that do not give this feature so it is a must that you have this unless your website is not in need for them like static pages.Database - this feature is especially important in today's websites, even the small ones.

The common database used is MySQL but for those who prefer other databases such as SQL Server, Oracle or PostsgreSQL, then it is best to take more. There are web hosting providers that offer support for more than one database. If they are not specifying the database in their package, they may not offer it at all.Framework Support - CMS or Content Management System is very popular and are highly demand these days because of its ease of use.

Though you can always use an FTP client to directly install the components into the web server, it is also best that they have this offer so that you can easily install it in the web server with just one click. Web hosting comparison is done this way and more are even added to the features that may seem unfamiliar to you. Try more to research about the features you truly need by basing on the website that you are developing.